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VIN-link is a free to join network for public practitioners to be part of; a place where they can stay up to date with the challenges and changes that lie in the accounting industry

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VIN-link members have direct accress to experienced professionals providing innovative solutions and advice.

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In the current Covid-19 environment we are using virtual discussion groups as a way of staying connected. 

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Leverage a larger network and gain access to a range of discounts and exclusive offers from 3rd party providers.

VIN-link works with members to enable you to meet and exceed your clients’ service needs, enhance the breadth of your service offering, and expand your business opportunities

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What is VIN-link?

VIN-link is a free to join member network program that was established to share practical tools and templates, best practice ideas, technical updates, training, advise on areas that your firm may not have capability in and share with you some of the 3rd party discounts that being part of something bigger can offer. VIN-link gives you direct access to Specialists who can partner with you and your clients to achieve bigger outcomes.

VIN-link was created by Vincents, a full-service firm with a 30-year history of growth through their passion for good service and building long term relationships.

Vincents know what it is to be a smaller practice where you are all things to all people and always striving to stay current with emerging trends and compliance changes. It was their own personal growth journey from a 3 to 40 director firm and a Queensland to National brand that made them look for a mechanism to share their learnings for the benefit of others.


Join the VIN-link Network

Being part of the VIN-link network allows you to work in the way of the future – you remain the relationship holder while building partnerships with those who can fill the gaps for your clients’ needs

“I have been a member of VIN-link for many years. I have found the training and support offered to my small business very beneficial.”

Lisa Hains CA

LKH Business and Tax Solutions

“As a sole practitioner, I have accessed the services of Vincents on a number of occasions over the years – Kym Reynolds and Brett Griffiths have been invaluable with the support they have provided. Being able to access a specialist not only saves hours of research time, but the knowledge that I am receiving professional, accurate advice on behalf of my clients, also provides peace of mind.

Brett has been available when required to answer all manner of self managed superannuation fund questions – as a SMSF professional, with practical experience over many years and a diverse range of clients, his replies are considered and referenced where appropriate. The depth of knowledge available from Brett and his team would be difficult to replicate, especially for those in small practices.

Our clients have confidence in dealing with us as professionals, and it is great to have a similar relationship with Brett Griffiths and Vincents, based on respect and confidence in the quality of advice provided.”

Michelle Wilson

SMSF Specialist and Director Tellery Group Pty Ltd , Tellery Group Pty Ltd

As an experienced Quality Reviewer I encourage firms to routinely follow a system of obtaining
a second opinion / confirmation of the advice they provide clients, so as to be more confident the advice is correct and there’s nothing else to also consider. This clearly shows QA that the advice was not provided in a negligent manner. In my opinion very few members have the time to be ‘expertly’ across all areas of Business services or audit etc. and it is even more difficult for sole practitioners. Being part of a support Network like VIN-link means that rather than generalists spending large amounts of time on researching, they can seek second opinion advice from an outside source as well

Robert Edwards

Director Audit / Quality Reviewer CAANZ/CPAA, C&N Audit Services

Join the VIN-link network and power your practice through partnering 

“Accounting firms may wish to consider partnering with external suppliers where they are unable to provide a specific service to maintain the primary relationship with the client, akin to the general practitioner (GP) and the specialist relationship”

CPA Australia My Firm My Future Report 2019

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Whether you’re looking for practical tools and templates, best practice ideas, technical updates, training, advise on areas that your firm may not have capability in, or 3rd party deals & discounts, being a VIN-link member means being a part of something bigger. 

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VIN-link members can access business resources on a range of topics from Vincents, as well as regular, exclusive content designed to help you develop your business acumen and service your clients.

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