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30 years of history, knowledge, and experiences to share with the VIN-link community.

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Collaborate, come together, and grow your network with professional services practitioners across Australia.

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The VIN-link story

VIN-link is a free to join network for public practitioners to be part of; a place where they can stay up to date with the challenges and changes that lie in the accounting industry.

It is the purpose of the network to share practical tools and templates, best practice ideas, technical updates, training, advise on areas that your firm may not have capability in and share with you some of the 3rd party discounts that being part of something bigger can offer.

It was created by Vincents who are a full-service firm with a 30-year history of growth through their passion for good service and building long term relationships.

Vincents know what it is to be a smaller practice where you are all things to all people and always striving to stay current with emerging trends and compliance changes. It was their own personal growth journey from a 3 to 40 director firm and a Queensland to National brand that made them look for a mechanism to share their learnings for the benefit of others.

Being part of the VIN-link network allows you to work in the way of the future –you remain the primary relationship holder while building partnerships with those who can fill the gaps for your clients’ needs.

VIN-link is the member network created and provided by Vincents. It is supported by all areas of the Vincents firm and run by General Manager Sarah Woolmington.

Should you have any enquiries regarding your membership or wish to speak to a specialist regarding a query please enter via the online member portal or contact Sarah directly.

You can reach out to Sarah Woolmington, VIN-link General Manager, anytime by email here

Your membership is important to us and we are always very happy to take suggestions for improvements.

Sarah Woolmington

General Manager – VIN-link

“I became the VIN-link General Manager because I have watched the industry change so much over the years and wanted to be part of a movement that was all about collaboration and doing things smarter.”

Meet your team of experts

Delivering true expert advice in a world of increasing complexities, our VIN-link team is made up of specialists from all of our business areas and we offer advice that caters for every business need where numbers are involved.

Paul Vincent

Director – Forensic Services

“I have worked with many VIN-link members over the years to help them with their clients forensic and business valuation needs – with such competition out there for smaller practitioners, it gives me great satisfaction to know that we have a way to assist them retain their clients.”

Kim Reynolds

Director – Taxation Advisory

“I work with Vin-link members assisting with the many and varied tax issues affecting their clients. Dealing with the Australian tax system and the ATO can be quite complex, and I’ve enjoyed being able to help other advisers navigate the tax maze for their clients.”

Tony Lane

Director – Insolvency & Reconstruction

“VIN-link provides me with an opportunity to directly assist members at the coal-face and in real time. Being able to respond rapidly to the changing financial circumstances of clients means there are more options available to discuss and deploy, resulting in more value retained and preserved. It’s a game changer!”

Henry McKenna

Associate Director – Insolvency & Reconstruction

“I regularly receive calls from VIN-link members, quite often from rural and regional New South Wales, who have clients that are facing some sort of financial distress or a unique problem.  I’m always happy to take the time to understand their issues and provide assistance where I can.”

Brett Griffiths


“Superannuation is a complicated and technical area. It is more than just about the numbers. It is hard for smaller firms to devote the technical resources and CPD in what is likely to be a small area of their practice. That is where Vin-Link can support the practitioner to help the client to get it right before it becomes a problem.”

Steven Staatz

Director – Insolvency & Reconstruction

“I enjoy providing both technical and practical advice to VIN-link members, whose clients may need assistance in times of financial difficulties.”

Phil Ringuet


“We are excited by the opportunity to work with the VIN- Link community by providing expert lending advice and solutions to support our mutual clients ambitions. Speak to us about all things finance including Commercial Loans, Asset Finance, Home and Investment Lending along with our Debt Advisory services.”

Steven Roberts

R&D Specialist

“I’m honoured to be able to use my skills and expertise to assist VIN-link members with their clients needs. Helping smaller practitioners and the wider accounting industry with their clients requirements allowing them to continue to deliver a great quality service is the very reason VIN-link exists and the reason why I enjoy being involved.”

Mark Allara

Financial Services 

“We know of the challenges on being able to deliver certain services to clients without the in-house expertise and licensing required.  At Vincents we are very respectful of the sanctity of the accountant/client relationship – instead taking satisfaction in the opportunity to support other accountants with our particular skillset. VIN-link provides the perfect platform for us to achieve this.”

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